Xbmc updating librtmp

I decided to blog this, partly as a thank you to them, so that any future Raspberry Pi owning Linux newbs would have all the instructions they needed in one place at the end of a single URL.I have now got my Raspberry Pi get_iplayer installation capable of downloading full length programmes in HD without timing out or giving error messages. I warn you, though, it will take some time, but if you are relatively new to Linux, you will learn something – it will be well worth it. The Raspberry Pi firmware is updated regularly at the moment. I’m showing you how to get the latest versions of some things. I may not know enough to help you if you run into problems. There are no guarantees, but I have been through the entire process (including the 3.5 hour compilation) from scratch with a freshly flashed Debian install to check the procedure and give precise, complete instructions that could be followed by someone with no previous Linux experience.The current version at the time of writing is debian6-.If you have the Debian Wheezy Beta released on 19 June 2012, the instructions are different, click here to go to the Get_iplayer Wheezy Beta installation instructions.You can also watch these on pretty much any other computer or media player.My Samsung TV can cope with these if I put the mp4 files onto a USB stick and plug it into the telly.

Once you’ve chosen what to record, it uses RTMPdump to record the incoming flash video stream and dump it in a file.

If you copy it onto a stick – (here’s how to handle mounting a USB stick), you won’t have to recompile.

What makes it excellent is that it is entirely under your control.

It won’t work, for me, using the pi login without chowning the get_iplayer directory.

I’m not 100% sure if it’s necessary to chown the ffmpeg and rtmpdump directories, but I can’t see it doing any harm.

Search for xbmc updating librtmp:

xbmc updating librtmp-34xbmc updating librtmp-18xbmc updating librtmp-42xbmc updating librtmp-67

Make a note of your chosen programme’s ID number e.g.

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