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Above is a still from electrolysis work on the 120-ton revolving gun turret.Each webcam focuses on a different part of the ship, including the 20-ton engine and steam condenser.From the world’s oldest ham to corvettes crushed in a sinkhole, some of the greatest wonders of our museums are available 24/7 through online webcams.Sure, unfiltered watching has its dangers, as shown by the recent queasiness induced by a couple of eagles feeding a cat to their fuzzy chicks, all live on camera (? But webcams can also make you a witness as a statue of Lenin comes down in Ukraine, or offer the vantage point of 18th-century philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton as he watches over University College London.

When Peter the Great was imagining his ideal palace, it included a colossal fountain based on one commissioned by Louis XIV at Château de Marly.

The hole has since been repaired, but you can see some of the carnage in the Skydome webcam.

The museum has so many webcams you can almost tour the whole place digitally, including one trained on the exhibition.

However, they’re only online 8am to 5pm, presumably to respect the manatees’ beauty sleep.

Many of Andy Warhol’s films ran for several hours and often portrayed people doing ordinary things in front of a largely still camera.

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Here are 10 museum webcams that you can tune in to anytime, anywhere, and watch over like a benevolent Big Brother.

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