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Keenan-Jones korac2006 : Kartiranje Rimskog Akvedukta na Viminacijumu ... Mikic kurkcu2015 : General assessment concerning water systems and hydrography of Paselis (in Turkish: Phaselis su sistemieri ve hidrografisi ....) (in: Journal vol 1 (2015) pag 69 - 79) - M. Silva fiorillo2007 : The Serino spring discharge: analyses of an ultra-centenarian hydrological series, southern Italy (in: Journal of Hydrology vol 336-1/2 (2007) pag 125 - 138) - F. Esposito galanaki2006 : The management of water resources in Chersonissos, Crete, Greece, during the Roman period (in: 1st International Symposium on Water and Wastewater Technologies in ancient civilisations 2006 pag 265 - 270) - K. Hierapolis, Turkey (in: The Archaeology of Geological Catastrophes, geological Society special publications vol 171 (2000) pag 1-14) - P. Keenan-Jones keenan-jones2013 : Large-scale water management projects in Roman cental-southern Italy (in: W. Harris (ed) The ancient mediterranean environment between science and history - 2013) - D. Martinez Jimerez moralez Rodriguez2005: Analisis ... Verhage (ed) Proceedings EAA (2009) pag 47 - 53) - H. Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing; it is the science of identifying graphemes, clarifying their meanings, classifying their uses according to dates and cultural contexts, and drawing conclusions about the writing and the writers.Specifically excluded from epigraphy are the historical significance of an epigraph as a document and the artistic value of a literary composition. Saloway sanchez1994 : Datos para el estudio de los acueductos romanos de Tarragona (in: Quaderns d'historia Tarraconense vol 13 (1994) pag 105 - 136) - J. Sanchez Lopez and others strataridaki2009 : The history of the Fundana spring aqueduct and its significance for the water supply of Heraklion city (Crete) through the ages (in: 2nd IWA Symposion (2009) pag ) - A. Strataridaki and others timberlake2004 : Early leats and hushing remains, suggestions and disputes of Roman mining and prospection for lead (in: Mining History, the bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society vol 15 nrs 4/5 (2004) pag 64ff) S. Palau i Bages sanchez2010 : El Municipium Sexi Firmum Iulium y el agua, el acueducto y la produccion de salazones (in: L. Lagostena Barrios (ed) Aqvam-Perdvcendam-Cvravit (2010) pag 197 - 215) - E. Herail doring1997c : Die römische Wasserleitung von Pondel im Val d' Aosta / Italien, Bestandsaufnahme ... Liot lloyd1976/77 : Water supply and urban population in Roman Cyrenaica (in: Society for Libyan Studies vol 8 (1976/77) pag 35 ff) - J.

siphon) -germain de montauzan1908 -burdy1991,2006 -talbert2000 -hodge1992p428 -FG1988p190 -wikander2000p50 -grenier1960p118 -chanson2000a,2001a -jeancolas1983,1986 Metz (Gorze) - DIVODURUM MEDIOMATRICORUM - METTIS -blanchet1908 -lalance1923 -grenier1960p199 -FG1988p76-burnand1983,1997 -leveau1991,1992 -hodge1992p135,p433n78 -fabre1992,2000 -lefebvre1997 -chanson2000a,2002d -fabre2000 -wikander2000p50 -bromwich2003 -heilig2006 Nimes/Pont du Gard - NEMAUSUS -stubinger1909 -grenier1960p88 -volkmann1963 -bailhache1983 -FG1988p207 -hauck1987,1988 -fiches1989 -smith1990 -hodge1992p97 -bromwich1993 -fabre1991,1992,2000a,200b -kessener1995,1986,2006,2017 -ellis1996 -grewe1998 -wikander2000p63 -wilson2000 -bossy2000 -chanson2002a,2002d -bessac2003 -ohlig2004 -paillet2005a -carbon2005 levret2005 -fonder2007 -kemper2009 -rasmussen2017 Paris/Wissous/Arcueil - LUTETIA PARISIORUM -buchelius1585 -blanchet1908 -de pachtere1912 -desguine1948 -grenier1960p180 -duval1961 -FG1988p78 -fleury1971 -guillerme1983 -philippe2001 -bailhache1983 -wes1995 -nnparis1996 -bromwich2003 -kessener2017 (modern) Saintes (Aqueduc du Douhet) - MEDIOLANTUM SANTONUM (incl. Chioti chouchane2004 : La reconnaissance des aqueducs d'Oudhna (1998-2000) (in: Oudhna (Uthina), colonie de veterans de la XIIIe legion, B. de feo2007 : Historical developments of the Augustan Aquaduct in Southern Italy: twenty centuries of works from Serino to Naples (in: Water Science & technology vol 7-1, pag 131 - 138) - G. For the sheets of an IWA-presentation, see the web1, for the text see the web2) delmar2012 : Water management, protection and conservation of aqueducts as cultural heritage... siphon) -fernadez casado1972 -hodge1983,1992p428 -fierro1989 -munoz1989 -TIR Lisboa1995 -wikander2000p84 -leather2002 -bestue2006 -gonzalez2006a,b -del Mar2012 -lagostena2011 -perez Marrero2008,2010,2011,2016 -sanchez2016 Cordoba(4x) (Valdepuentes/Aqua Vetus, Aqua Nova Domitiana Augusta, Aqueduct of the Bus station, Aqua Maximiana) - COLONIA PATRICIA CORDUBA -lopez-cuervo1985 -morena1994 -chanson2001a -gonzalez2006a -ventura2010 -sanchez2016 Sadaba / Layana / Los Banales (wooden aqueduct) (AQUAE ATILIANAE? Joseph brank1976 : Ob najdbi rimskega vodovoda nad Trnjem pri Stari Loki (The remains of a Roman aqueduct close to Trnje near Stara Loka) (in: Loski razgledi vol 23 (1976) pag 11 - 14) - R. Chanson (see also on the web) chatzakis2006 : Sedimentation tanks through the ages (in: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Water and Wastewater technologies in Ancient Civilizations 28 - 30 October 2006) - M. ) -garcia nd -heyden1958 -fernadez casado1972 -beltran1977 -lostal pros1980 -TIR madrid1993 -abadia1995 -bestue2006 -talbert2000 -lerida200x Bof U -leather2002 -gonzalez2006b -andreu pintado2008,2011 -viartola2011, 2013 -sanchez2016 Merida/Cornalvo - AUGUSTA EMERITA -lantier1915 -fernadez casado1972 -FG1988p204 -jimenez martin1976 -alvarez1977 -celestino1980-grewe1984,1992a,1993 -TIR Lisboa1995 -alvarez2000 -leather2002 -feijoo2005 -sanchez2016 Merida/Proserpina - AUGUSTA EMERITA -lantier1915 -castro gil1933 -celestino1943 -FG1988p204 -fernadez casado1972 -jimenez martin1976 -alvarez1977 -celestino1980 -grewe1984,1992a,1993a -arenillas1992,2005 -TIR Lisboa1995 -wikander2000p337 -talbert2000 -feijoo2005 -aranda2007a,2007b,2013 -mckenzie2008 -sanchez2016 Segovia - SEGOVIA -aguirre1930 -FG1988p219 -fernadez casado1972 -ramirez gallardo1975,1977,1993 -blanco1977 -almagro basch1977 -grewe1984 -fabre1992 -alfoldy1992, 1993 -TIR madrid1993 -cervera1994 -messales1998 -wikander2000p27 -talbert2000 -jurado2002 -leather2002 -contreras2007 -sanchez2016 Sevilla - HISPALIS (Caños de Carmona) -fita1911 -melida1911 -eaa1958 -fernadez casado1972 -jimenz martin1975 -sillieres1990 -talbert2000 -leather2002 -nnsevilla2003 -alvarez2004,2008 -gonzalez2006a -geos2010 -sanchez2016 Tarragona - TARRACO (3x) (incl the Puente del Diablo / Ferreras) -hernandez1857/1947 -sanchez1951/1990 -fernadez casado1972 -saenz1977 -grewe1984,1992a -bonet1986-1993 -cortes1989 -hodge1992p134,137 -sanchez Real1992 -fabre1992 -sanchez1Real993,1994 -bures1998,2000a -wikander2000p73/74 -talbert2000 -nn Tarraco ND -diaz Garcia200x -garcia2002 -remola2002 -leather2002 -macias2005 -aparicio2008 -gosalbez2009 -sanchez2016 Toledo - TOLETUM (Alcantarilla dam, incl. Cantilav bellwald2004 : An wilden Wassern - die Wasserversorgung Petras in der Antiken (in: Exhibitian catalogue "10.000 Jahre Kunst and Kultur aus Jordanien - Geschter des Orients" Berlin-Bonn (2004-2005) pag 153 ff) - U. Haser bildirici2002 : Pipes with and without pressure in water transport systems in antiquity / Klasik cagda, su iletiminde basincli ve basincsiz borular (in: TMH vol 2002/4-5-6 (2002) pag 105 - 109) - M. Brank (on the web) bruun2003c : "Medius Fidius ..." Roman water supply, public administration, and private contractors (in: J.-J.

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