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I believe in people and strive to help them to believe in themselves""You get one life, so it should be one you can feel good about.Whether you want help dealing with a specific problem, breaking out of a rut, or finding out just how to be happier, more content, or less overwhelmed, counseling can help you to live the life you had hoped for.This may be an important time for you where you realize that your life has shrunk significantly and you would like to create a life 'worth living' for yourself again.""Welcome to PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING SERVICES.This may be an important time for you where you realize that your life has shrunk significantly and you would like to create a life 'worth living' for yourself again.""Having trouble balancing your work life with your personal life?I have been worked in the psychotherapy, counseling and human services fields since earning my first Master's Degree in 2002.

One of the innumerable differences between breastfeeding and Victoria’s Secret models’ boobs is that unlike supermodels, feeding mothers are not inviting us to look at their breasts, they are simply feeding their babies. So, if that really bothers you, shut up and look away.What a sad state of affairs that mothers in 2014 have to protest about palpable nonsense like Louise Burns being forced to cover up her feeding with a large napkin, when there are innumerable bigger subjects that demand their attention. It was bizarre to hear bystanders shout out loud that they think it’s “disgusting”. Do we fear being reminded that we are actually animals?The “nobody puts baby in the corner” protest was organized by the Free to Feed group, in turn set up by Emily Lough when she was called “a tramp” because she breastfed in public. The Claridge’s saga provided piquant juxtaposition to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week.Breasts were everywhere this week, no matter where we looked.Celebrities, commentators and institutions alike were falling over themselves to make a – ahem – tit of themselves.

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