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It is important to speak to your physician or therapist if you are concerned about having any of these BFRB’s while keeping in mind the difference between having a habit or having a chronic condition.

While there are other behaviors that are considered to be harmful to the body when practiced compulsively, they fall under the Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum, Impulse Control Disorder, or triggered by Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or other mental health afflictions instead of being BFRB’s.

If medically recognized, this problem should follow the Greek system of naming and be called “Dermaphagia”, although it has potential to be confused with “Dermatophagia”.

Trichophagia: This disorder, often a sub-category of Trichotillomania, is the term for the hair eating disorder.

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Trichotemnomania: This behavior is the conscious act of compulsively shaving or cutting one’s own hair.

Complications may occur when nails are bitten down to the cuticle, causing debilitating pain and possibly infection.

Onychotillomania: Not to be confused with Onychophagia, Onychotillomania is the compulsive need to pick at or tear off one’s nails, named by Polish dermatologist Jan Alkiewicz.

This disorder also includes those who compulsively bite their cheeks or their lips which can cause blistering and open wounds.

Some sufferers of Dermatophagia also have Dermatillomania and feel compelled to pick at the healing or calloused skin (with teeth, nails, or “tools”).

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