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Defined by Sega as a "dramatic adventure" game, Sakura Wars combines overlapping tactical role-playing, dating sim and visual novel gameplay elements.Set in a fictionalized version of the Taishō period, the game follows the exploits of the all-female Flower Division of the Imperial Assault Force, a military unit dedicated to fighting supernatural threats against Tokyo while maintaining their cover as a theater troop.Actions taken during LIPS sequences with members of the Flower Division directly impact battles; skillful performances during LIPS segments raise a character's Motivation, granting status increases and improving combat ability.In 1923, Imperial Army Ensign Ichiro Ogami is transferred to the Flower Division of the Imperial Assault Force, a secret combat unit based in Tokyo.The game was a critical and commercial success, becoming one of the highest-selling titles for the Saturn and launching a franchise which includes multiple sequels, spin-offs and media adaptations.Sakura Wars is set in Tokyo during a fictionalized version of the Taishō period, with players taking the role of Ichiro Ogami and the all-female Imperial Assault Force.

The "Imperial Theater Revue" is the Imperial Assault Force, a group of women with spirit powers which defends Tokyo against demon attacks using steam-powered armor called Koubu.

The debut entry in the Sakura Wars series, it was originally released for the Sega Saturn home console.

It was subsequently ported to other systems including the Dreamcast, and remade for the Play Station 2 under the title Sakura Wars: In Hot Blood.

Ogami becomes embroiled in their personal conflicts and issues, and backstage fiascos including Sakura bringing down the stage during a performance of Cinderella through her clumsiness.

During these events, Ogami becomes close to each member, and can pursue a romantic relationship.

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Depending on the type of response, the character may respond positively or negatively, impacting their relationship with Ogami and future interactions.

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