Radu alexandru dating scam

The most prevalent include phishing, the “Nigerian prince” scam, online dating and travel scams. It usually takes the form of an email, apparently sent by your bank or a trusted website (be it social media or an e-commerce site, for instance), in which you are required to log in and check your personal data.Once you do so, though, all your personal information is sent to scammers who can afterwards use it for money and even identity theft.This page is regularly updated with new Russian scammers as they are reported.The most recent Russian scammer photos are published for a quick overview.What is more, do not hesitate to talk to other people before making a final decision on an offer – a simple discussion with a friend might bring light into a murky online matter.

Though currently is no longer associated (solely) to Nigerian senders, this Internet scam became popular when people all over the world started receiving emails from political, business, or even royal figures from the aforementioned country, soliciting money for various reasons.

This is the ideal situation of which online scammers take advantage with possibly disastrous consequences.

Online dating scams rely on dating services or even social media and may take even several months during which cyber criminals slowly gain their victims’ trust.

The sender is usually an unknown travel agency which should make you suspicious from the get-go.

Because the creativity of scammers literally knows no boundaries, the number of ways you can get scammed online if you don’t pay attention is too big to go into so many details about each one.

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