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We could've both felt strongly about religion (but had opposing beliefs) or political leanings, but instead, intelligence, kindness, and attractiveness rank highest in importance for both of us.We're even looking for the same levels of each trait: moderately kind, very bright, and about an eightieth percentile in attractiveness.The study found the men to be far more attracted to the woman— to bring up sex in their survey responses, to call her after the study for more information—when they were scared.) The heights didn't make me more attracted to Keziah or stir any dormant animalism in me or trick me into thinking it was my last chance to have sex before I plummeted to my death.We were just having fun, and as much as I enjoyed watching her move, I preferred the view from across the table, over drinks.Tashiro assures us that our conflicting needs are relatively minor and definitely surmountable given our intense compatibility in other areas, and this assurance in itself is one of the major draws of couples counseling—an expert reminding you to notice all the good things about the relationship instead of getting mired in the bad.Throughout the hour and a half, I find myself feeling good that Nate has already told me many of the personal details he's now sharing with Tashiro, and that he has heard many of mine. And, pleasantly, surprisingly, I want to know more.As I finish selecting my answers, I glance over at Nate and realize that I'd like to be the type of person who measures up to his ideals.And when Tashiro compares our answers, he tells us, optimistically, that we want the same things.

I realized at the end of the questions that I would never know what she would've told me freely had she actually come to trust me, and that gave me reigning king of romantic compatibility, I feel a little queasy. He's clean-cut in a cool way; Tom Cruise-esque in stature;(6) and his eyes, which are almost gray, crinkle sweetly when he smiles.For his part, Tashiro thinks we are both all of these things. Conveniently, this is what I want to want, though my track record says otherwise: When I'm dating someone and his interest seems to cool, my play-to-win instincts kick in regardless of whether I actually like the guy. If I don't hear from him for a few days, it's because he's saving his stories for when we meet in person.But there's a strange comfort in hearing Nate's expectations. And if he can spell out his wants, so can I; it's liberating to smother my self-consciousness and allow myself to voice—for once—that I might actually want to communicate with the object of my affection, like, daily.Actually, Nate's looking for anywhere from a six to an eight.So this holds up as long as we both think the other person is intelligent, attractive, and kind. Nate is crystal clear on this casual, one-or-two-dates-a-week situation with little communication in the interim, but insists upon monogamy.

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