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I’m too enthralled with what’s playing out before me. The waiter running over with the complimentary bottle of Champagne? “In Ghana it’s typical to propose after two or three dates.

In front of them the enticing glow of a Mc Donald’s illuminates their faces as dusk shadows the scene.

Their demeanor suggests they’re on a first or second date, with slightly stiff body language and plastered-on smiles, but an easy banter going between them.

I also hear him ask her if she has siblings, which suggests they don’t know each other well.

Chad has the third highest rate of child marriage in the world – 68% of girls are married as children – and, unlike many other countries, the practice is prevalent in both wealthy and less wealthy households.

The volatile socio-economic situation, including malnutrition, high food prices and droughts make children more vulnerable to marriage.

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