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However, if you decide to keep your relationship a secret, you have to accept that in a sorority setting, it might make things sticky.

Sneaking around might be hot in the movies, but in real life, it only equates to being dishonest with your sisters and potentially hurting your partner and yourself.

Jordan says that if two sisters in a relationship requested to share a room in the house, they would likely be sat down and advised to take another course of action.

Your dating pool is smaller than the hetero dating pool, you might find potential partners who are more interested in experimenting than dating, and your campus’s LGBTQ clubs and events might not be your scene.If you have any doubts about how your sisters might take your relationship, just ask.Unfortunately, there will be no one-size-fits-all answer waiting for you and your girlfriend.However, always remember why you joined a sorority in the first place: the women around you should be viewed as sisters first and potential romantic partners last.Even if the feelings are mutual, there is a lot to consider before jumping into a relationship with a sister.

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Before you do, the two of you should discuss how things will change if your relationship doesn’t work out.

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