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After the Partitions of Poland, Kielce became part of the Austrian Empire.In 1809, the city was incorporated into the Duchy of Warsaw and after 1815 into the Congress Kingdom of Poland.At the turn of the 12th century, the bishops of Kraków became the owners of the settlement and began constructing a castle on a nearby hill.Under the influence of Vincent Kadłubek, a parish school was established in the town.There are several fairs and exhibitions held in Kielce throughout the year; the city and its surroundings are also known for their historic architecture, green spaces and recreational areas such as the Świętokrzyski National Park.The area of Kielce has been inhabited since at least the 5th century BC.

According to a local legend, Mieszko, son of Boleslaus II of Poland dreamt he was attacked by a band of brigands in a forest.The history of Kielce dates back over 900 years and the exact date when the town was founded remains unknown.The name of the city derives from the migrating Celts, who once stopped here during their journey across the European continent.In the dream he saw a vision of Saint Adalbert who drew a winding line which turned into a stream.When Mieszko woke up, he found the Silnica River whose waters helped him regain strength.

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Various other legends exist to explain the name's origin.

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