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As the trees grew and dropped their leaves more valuable organic material was collected and used for mulch and soil building. The salt content on the site was drastically diminished after a couple of years.

Scientists in the area couldn’t believe they hadn’t just washed the salt out of the soil with massive amounts of water.

In Jordan, most of the water is used for industrial agriculture, which is an enormous waste.

This alternative could be huge in terms of sustainable water usage.

Geoff kept all organic waste materials to be used as mulch and compost for soil building.

Turning waste into a resource is a key Permaculture principle, and one that proved critical to this project.

These trees improved the soil by providing structure and adding nitrogen, a crucial nutrient for plant growth.Although the original project was abandoned, new work has begun.Muslim Aid, a non-profit organization in Australia, is educating locals in the Jordan Valley about the applications of Permaculture to their ecosystem.A senior Iranian official has lashed out at certain countries for using petrodollars to turn the Middle East into a depository for Western weapons.Speaking to reporters upon his arrival in the Russian capital Moscow on Tuesday, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Securit y Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said the world needs to distance itself from violent and extremist ideologies and measures but some countries, with their dark background of supporting terrorism, are using oil revenues of the Middle East to turn the region into a warehouse of Western weapons.

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