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Later on I found out that this has given me nothing because many guys whom I considered better than me, even in studies, used to do it. This time I used porno as my medium for turning myself. I sometimes do it excessively but usually its under my control.I feel that doing it after every 2 days is completely fine for me.However, I just became more shy and less sexual towards girls. During those 2 years I faced too many wet dreams but they had pattern in my case, i guess the cycle, it had to be in 2 days, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 days and the order kept repeating.Couldn't find a medicine to prevent wet dreams as well. Though, its easy for me to get a girl but I just want to be like this. May be I am wrong there but I want to experience it like that.i usually do it at least twice a day I am 63 and have been a chronic masturbator all my life starting at 11 before I could even ejaculate.I had a healthy sex life in college and married very young at 21 and am still married to the same lady many years later.I also joined the man to man prostate cancer support group and was very hahppy with the decision I made for cancer treatment.

I do feel better physically when I did stop for a week at a is sunday and I am starting all over.Since you are 63 and i must say that it is very long time. If you go for 3 week or 1 month then you can do it : D for those who are here and trying to stop masturbating.I Think should have realize every time you try to stop masturbation that what will happen if you stop wont stop you. The first thing i will recommend you guys to find your fear first of not stopping masturbation.I did experience a renewed rational interest toward normal women and even looking at my wife differently but reverted to my porno for satisfaction.I had radiation and seed implantation for prostate cancer, stage one, and now have dry ejaculation but have recovered to defeat the cancer.

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I have an enormous sexual drive and always have had.

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