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Water bailiffs were employed to protect the interests of the town and a tradition of "possessioning" took place.

This was a ceremony which took place every seven years where a group of townsfolk would inspect the channel and ensure that it was not being abused. In the mid nineteenth century the water courses were used for boiling vegetables, surface drainage and emptying cesspools.

With the Dissolution of the Monasteries it was sold to Sir John St Ledger.

The railway station sign was changed to Cullompton in 1874 and the Ordnance Survey used Cullompton in the edition of their map published in 1889.

On St Andrew's Hill, to the north-west of Cullompton town centre, two Roman forts were discovered in 1984 by aerial photography carried out for Devon County Council.

He had waylaid, with the help of accomplices, a coach travelling from Exeter to London and made off with about £600 but he was recognised by the guards from Exeter, where he had been a taverner.

Another local man called Tom Austin was hanged in August 1694.

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