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Despite achieving a new transformation, he is defeated by Goku and Vegeta, who have both mastered the Super Saiyan God transformation. With Whis' ability to turn back time, Goku is able to kill Frieza again.This part of the series retells the events of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'.From episode #68 to #76, Morio Hatano shared the role of series director with Kōhei Hatano (no relation), another storyboard artist and episode director for the series.Masako Nozawa reprises her roles as Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Son Goten.On December 7, 2016, IGN reported that the Funimation English dub of Dragon Ball Super would air on Adult Swim Saturdays at 8 p.m. He called it "a move that wouldn't be unprecedented" giving Sailor Moon Crystal as an example.with an encore showing in their Toonami block later that night at p.m. The anime episodes are being released on Japanese Blu-ray and DVD sets that contain twelve episodes each. Lucas Siegel of praised the debut episode for its "laid back plotline" and animation style and said that the debut was "very much put out as a "slice of life" episode".On November 4, 2016, Funimation announced the company acquired the rights to Dragon Ball Super and would be producing an English dub, with many cast members of their previous English-language releases of Dragon Ball media reprising their respective roles. Bandai has also announced the updated Dragon Ball Super Card Game that starts with one starter deck, one special pack containing 4 booster packs and a promotional Vegeta card and a booster box with 24 packs. Jamieson Cox of The Verge also praised the title sequence and said that "Dragon Ball Super's intro will have you begging for its North American release".

After awakening from several years of slumber, Beerus tells Whis, the Angel, that he is eager to fight the legendary warrior whom he had seen in a prophecy known as the Super Saiyan God To protect Earth, Goku transforms into the Super Saiyan God to fight Beerus by using the power of five Super Saiyans, which includes Vegeta, Gohan, Son Goten, Kid Trunks, and the baby in Videl's womb.

While Goku and Vegeta leave with Beerus and Whis to train for a year, the remaining remnants of Frieza's army arrive on Earth in search for the Dragon Balls to revive Frieza.

A few months after coming back to life and training, Frieza gathers his forces and returns to enact his revenge on Goku.

Goku attains a new godly form known as the Ultra Instinct After six universes have been defeated and erased, the tournament reaches its climax with Universes 7 and 11 in the final battle to claim the Super Dragon Balls and their survival.

In addition to his role as the series creator, Akira Toriyama is also credited for the "original story and character design concepts" of the new anime originally directed by Kimitoshi Chioka.

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