Dating secrets of the ten commandments

Ultimately, if we've been abused, we're going to have to relearn what is OK and what is not.There is no excuse big enough to choose a relationship that is abusive.It's up to you and you alone to be honest and respectful. Not only are you stealing his time and emotions, but you're also keeping him from meeting the Ms. So if you're reading this and feeling every word down in your gut, you probably have some letting go to do. You might also want to refer back to the second commandment as you seek to make things right.

There's a problem if you want him to define you, set your course, and bring purpose to your life. And for all of you beautiful sisters with hearts full of needs you don't know what to do with, stop waiting for the phone to ring! He's the only one who can ever actually meet your needs to begin with, and it'd probably be a lot less painful (for both you and Mr. Right holed up without your phone number because you're still looking for a Mr. "You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."The second commandment becomes very personal when we remind ourselves that worship is about what we "can't live without." If having Mr. Now, if you find the above tough to swallow, let me unpack one more passage that will get you in line fast.

You are the only you that you will ever have, and what happens to and in you will continue to shape your life forever. Keep the strangers and the friendlies out of your castle until the lifetime warranty and everything else that goes with it has been signed for.

Respect your marriage before it happens, and love your husband before you meet him.

Solomon may have said it best: People make better decisions when they get honest feedback from more than one source.

Check out Proverbs ; ; ; and if you're still not sure. Unconditional love is essential for any relationship and easiest to practice when you're with someone who resembles what you naturally value. If you want a man who actually gets you and really jives with your passions and rituals, then you're going to need to live you and be you-the real you-as much as possible.

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There comes a time in our lives when who we are and what kind of relationship we're in is ours to choose. Yes, and for those of us who were abandoned, the truth is that only Dad and God can fill that hole.

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