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It is partly because these characters ring so true for so many Spaniards that the series has been such a success.

They are a typical lower-middle-class family, with three generations living under the same roof, aspiring to a better life during the final years of the dictatorship.

But I suppose it tells the way Spain itself has evolved itself into a richer country." As Buckley juniorgrew up in Madrid, the family's Republican sympathies left it always fearing reprisals during the dark days of the dictatorship.

Al terminar, fue a pedir un sello, que mojó con la lengua y luego aseguró con un puñetazo.

Tan pronto como la carta cayó al buzón, el jefe de correos fue a abrirla.

The popularity of the show also partly reflects the greater willingness in Spain to talk about this chapter of recent history, which only ended in 1975 with the death of Franco.

Buckley, 59, who divides his time between London and Madrid, said: "I grew up in Madrid.

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La casa —única en todo el valle— estaba en lo alto de un cerro bajo.

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