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Professor Quigley has written a book in which he tells us all about it. So why are people not more aware of the coming New World Order? And in this merchant society we tend to select what we like and avoid things that could be unpleasant.

All sorts of information about its planning and its prominence in the unfolding of world history is sitting right there in front of us. Our positivist churchmen influenced by the spirit of the age have trained us to "be positive" and not to "confess anything negative".

Then there is the admonition, "judge not,lest ye be judged".

In the Biblical context this means we are not to judge a person unto eternity. But this admonition has been re-engineered to mean that Christians should not be discerning of the character or the spirit at work in an emerging issue. And did not Jesus exhort us to "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves"? At the present time we as Western Christians are too preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and material things to address the serious issues of our time.

And Bismarck united the many German principalities to create the nation of Germany we see today.

A very subtle world leader will be the power broker.

The nations of Western Christendom will have to compromise on their Christian faith to coexist and embrace all the other world religions. They will also have to surrender their Christian national sovereignty, their ethic of "God and country", to someone who they will accept as a ruler over them.

We have Biblical evidence that the power-sharing treaty asked for will be for a limited period only. Daniel brings us the crucial details here and this one verse in the book of Daniel is probably the most hotly contested Bible prophecy verse we shall ever read.

But like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and placed over a slow fire we are not noticing the "change".

Nor are we recognizing the new realities that are quietly unfolding before us in slow Fabian fashion.

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