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When the Spaniards rejected because the land would not have anything, happened to British rule until 1973, when independence was held.

Since then, the Bahamas abandonment new colors: turquoise (by the sea), black (with reference to the population) and yellow (symbolizing the sun).

It is located a few hundred kilometers north-east of the Bahamas, and configured with its 9,000 inhabitants are known as the most populated outer islands.

Was dominated by the English colonists discovered in 1648, and today is a haven for many rich and famous who have established their second home here.

Beside, people walk from one side to the other while some children are tirelessly fly their stars to the sound of a gentle breeze.

Meanwhile, intrepid adventurers and enjoy horseback riding to a world that even more evocative.

Inside recreates the life of pirates of the time even appearances of characters with costumes inspired by the opportunity to just lack the parrot on his shoulder.

The performance also includes a visit inside the pirate galleon Revenge, is kept inside all the details to make you feel a genuine pirate, even music and pipes.

Loyalist mansions occur one after another in this magical world where everything is sorted and placed like a decorative film was.Many details scattered throughout the city that will transport you to an era of pirates, pirates and bandits.Indeed, looking this environment we can get into the Pirate Museum, located in the center of the city.Our hostess, Donna Kaesler welcomes us at Fernandez Bay Village and shows us some of the books that keep the traditions of the island.One speaks of Obeah, a form of African religion of shades and tints that some villagers continue practicing Buddhists, and all means replace traditional medicine for healing plants and a little black magic. Quickly get to the hut tax Thompson, an amiable woman who is dedicated to making all kinds of crafts made from straw: hats, baskets, baskets ...

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