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Synopsis: Letter to the King portrays five people on a day trip from a refugee camp to Oslo, a welcome change in an otherwise monotonous life.But we soon realize that each and every one of them has an agenda for their trip.However, the stories tell a sad reality of how it is to be a refugee in a foreign country, and not really either happy or with a clear future. The film manages to set a trace in your soul after the mere 75 minutes of storytelling, with both drama, excitement, despair and a little bit of humor is well. In just a few years after film school Zaman has managed to become one of Norways most critically acclaimed film makers.Desperate situations calls for desperate solutions. His take on the refugee situation is bound to make a difference in some way or another.Mirza wants to hand over the letter to the King personally. Letter to the King portrays five people on a day trip from a refugee camp to Oslo, a welcome change in an otherwise monotonous life. See full summary » Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, is now sheriff in Erbil, the capital city.

His journey begins when his older sister, Nermin, flees her ...We follow fire of them, with the main story springing out of 83 year old patron Mirza, which feel he has to get back home to bury his dead sons, and writes a letter to the Norwegain king, with a little help from a young nephew which has learned enough Norwewgian to translate.He, of course, doesn't know that the Norwegian king is merely a patron himself, with no real power to do something for the old man.kom de til Serubabel og til familiehodene og sa til dem: La oss få være med eder og bygge; for vi søker eders Gud likesom I selv, og til ham har vi ofret helt fra assyrerkongen Asarhaddons dager, han som førte oss hit!Da svarte Serubabel og Josva og de andre familiehoder i Israel: Det lar sig ikke gjøre at I er sammen med oss om å bygge et hus for vår Gud; vi vil være alene om å bygge hus for Herren, Israels Gud, således som kong Kyros, kongen i Persia, har befalt oss.

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