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NOTE : 1) Applications which are incomplete and without enclosures will be rejected. Pradeep Paul pays these champions tribute, while V, Romesh Kumar looks at the futile efforts being made by the country’s sporting infrastructure.

2) Candidates employed in Government/Quasi- Government Department/Public Sector Undertaking should apply through proper channel. I § i $ I 02M88T 27 April— 3rd May, 1988 Volume X Issue 26 An Ananda Ba/ar Publication Rs.5.00 eo Mmm Mailbag 4 Trishanku’s Column 5 Who IS Rudd Gullit? Editor Mansur All Khan Palaudi Edltarial Staff: Subhaah Sarcar, Suprakaah Ohoshai.

Please write back at the earliest, Yours sincerely, Trlshanku 5 Cricket to politics f Usually political c ()jiv( r sions die leserved only for film stars, but The Statesman repiorted a one ketei ’s change in pnoiities Kirti Azad, son of the Bihar CM Bhagwat Jha Azad, appears to be making a bid to fit into his father's shoes (pardon the cliche) “Mr Bhagwat Jha Azad is right now busy promoting his son,” reported Mohan Sahay “He wants his cncketei eon to contest the Bhagalpur Lok Sabha seat which the Chief Minister himself held before his election to the Upper House of the State legislature During his recent vists to Bhagalpur, the Chief Mimstc r Uniied his constituency, meeting people and attending public receptions organised in his honour Kirti is leaxnt to have been enlarging his support base m Bihar through many sports organisations tliat receive substantial favours ff’om the ^ o\i rmneiil Polo on a lake ? Imran won the toss but asked West Indies to bat first.

f That’s exactly what is being planned m Udaipur in May The modus operandi is very simple Since the three-year drought m the state has reduced the Pichola lake to its bed, the organisers visualise no problem at all in successfully conducting the match “The Five Star Lake Palace Hotel, once surrounded by the blue waters of the Pichola Lake, le now set in a patch of dry land/’ reported Milap Chand Dandia for the The Telegraph "The former maharaja of Mewar, Arvind Singh, who has organised the polo match on the lake, said polo used to be a favourite game of the Udaipur rulers nd he would make all effort to see that it is revived Though nu polo matches have been organised in Udaipur for several years, the Mewar family still rears about 20 pulo horses And the erstwhile ruling family of Jaipur, once the world polo champions, now has only one polo horse left ” Kirti Asad angling for the Bhagalpur seat. Inspired by precedents at that venue one supposes; the last Test captain who decided to bat after winning the Test at that venue was Mushtaq Mohammed — and that was way back in 1977. West Indies was bowled out before tea for 174, Imran and Qadir equally splitting eight wickets amongst themselves for 38 and 83 runs respectively.

With Indian sport’s over indulgence in cricket, tennis and soccer, there are many other champions who go unnoticed . A report on the fairytale Test 9 A ft China’s Li Ning, la gymnast of the ■T IP finest q uality , ponders on his fame and future in h rare interview V r MAILBAO Tragedy I Wish to congratulate you on your cover story— ‘Indian Athletics — On the Wrong Track!

The case will drag on till Mr Botham and the DDCA make their exit from this universe And if he hires a lawyer like our Mr Ram Jethmalani, he can walk out of the court victorious. But that is what critics also said when Pakistan needed 14 in the last over at Lahore against West Indies—and made it. At 282 for five, Miandad and Ejaz Ahmed needed only another 90 in 22 overs. With 61 runs, two wickets and 13 overs left, the fight appeared to have gone out of Pakistan.interview: Li Ning, The T^rince ut Ciymnastics' ADVT. HRD/R/88/2 INDIAN PETROCHEMICALS CORPORATION LIMITED (A Government of India Undertaking) # REQUIRES OUTSTANDING SPORTSMEN IN THE FOLLOWING GAMES/SPORTS CRICKET, VOLLEYBALL, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, TABLE TENNIS, ATHLETICS. C.) Sports qualification : Must have participated at the STATE OR NATIONAL level m the relevant sports with proven record.TO BE EMPLOYED AS TRAINEES Requirements : Educational qualifications : Minimum 12th Std. Age : Not above 25 (Twenty Five) years as on 3M2-1987.It is always invigorating to 1 ‘ead his comments on any subject I think we should accept Imran Khan’s comeback on very genuine reasons and he is already doing wonders for Pakistan against the West Indies. Yet she wants us to believe tliat she IS in contention foi* a medal in Seoul. A MIT KB PAS, Calcutta, Suiprise What a surprise that most of the sports magazines in India u Rod to emphasise (over-omphasise if 1 may say so) on cricket.It may be a gocxl game but surely there are other sports being played in India.

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