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WMF ART# 13 The Antique silver industry of Hanau - part 1 ART# 15 - part 2 WIN# 3 A German beaker from .... silver basket WIN# 50 A Hanau Silver with an uncommon London Import Hallmark ART# 2 Italian antique silver oil lamps (lucerna) Lucerne Italiane in argento ART# 16 A Napoleonic sugar bowl from an Italian museum Una zuccheriera napoleonica da un museo poco conosciuto ART# 25 The Grand Master's Box ART# 29 Arlecchino ART# 34 An ancient liturgical object: the Pax Un antico oggetto liturgico: la Pace ART# 46 Hallmarks of Italian silver Punzoni dell'argento italiano, dall'unita' d'Italia ai giorni nostri ART# 64 Italian silver hair-pin: the 'sperada' ART# 72 A forgotten object: the silver warmer Un oggetto di cui si e' dimenticato l'uso: lo scaldino d'argento ART# 93 Silversmithing in Mantua from the 14th to the 19th century Note sull'arte degli orefici a Mantova ART# 95 Silversmithing in Mantua from the 14th to the 19th century - part 2 Note sull'arte degli orefici a Mantova - 2^ parte ART# 150 Cinque secoli di punzoni dell'argento napoletano Five Centuries of Neapolitan Silver Marks ART# 150 Stato Pontificio (Roma) punzoni dell'argento Papal States (Rome) Silver Hallmarks WIN# 4 Silverware of Giuseppe Garibaldi Una forchetta di Giuseppe Garibaldi WIN# 7 A sugar bowl with St.Mark's lion WIN# 22 Forty years of Italian silver vases WIN# 24 An inkstand from the "Regno delle Due Sicilie" Un calamaio dal Regno delle Due Sicilie WIN# 31 Italian baby rattles of the 20th century WIN# 33 Noah's Ark in silver Un'Arca di Noe' d'argento WIN# 51 A Silver Chalice from Sicily WIN# 52 Salt Cellars from Genoa and Genoa Silver Hallmarks WIN# 61 Marks of European Silver Plate: V. Sandrik, Slovakia WIN# 88 Marks of European Silver Plate: IX. Hacker & Herrmann, Austria: WIN# 82 Niello Silver from Vienna ART# 1 Poincon de Grace de 1750 (Belgian antique silver hallmarks) ART# 3 L'histoire d'une tasse de femme The history of a silver wedding cup ART# 5 Les couverts des Soeurs Noires de Pamele ART# 51 Philippe Wolfers' Japonism in Belgium ART#55 Belgian Art Deco Silver ART# 65 Belgian silver of the Empire period WIN# 41 Two Vodka Servers from East Europe WIN# 53 Marks of European Silver Plate: I. Porcellane Danesi Statuine, vasi, stoviglie, piatti naalizi e da collezione, dipinti, argenteria, bicchieri e molto altro ancora PORCELLANE CERAMICA ARGENTO ANTICO FIGURA FIGURINA ROYAL COPENHAGEN SERVIZIO GABBIANO VETRO PITTORE MAIOLICA DINAMARCA CERAMICA LAMPADA DANESE ORELOGIO GIOIELLO ORNAMENTO PIATTO DI NATALE COPENHAGHEN GIOCATTOLO RAME OTTONE STAGNO BRONZO.Attualmente il nostro Shop Online e`solo in lingua tedesca.

Wellner, Holland WIN# 96 Marks of European Silver Plate: XIV.Norblin, Russia/Poland ART# 7 Hallmarks of Russian silversmiths ART# 17 La salle d'orfevrerie imperiale Russe au Musee de L'Armee de Bruxelles (partie 1) The Hall of Imperial Russian Silverware at the Musee de L'Armee de Bruxelles (part 1) ART# 20 La salle d'orfevrerie imperiale Russe au Musee de L'Armee de Bruxelles (partie 2) The Hall of Imperial Russian Silverware at the Musee de L'Armee de Bruxelles (part 2) ART# 32 Silver Salt throne from Tsarist Russia Saliere a trono dalla Russia Imperiale ART# 48 Fauxberge Fakeberge ART# 56 Histoire de faux Story of a forgery ART# 58 Soviet time silver salts - semi-antique to come? ART# 62 Ornamental shaping of silver Salt thrones from Russia ART# 68 Charka exhibition in Helsinki ART# 74 A giant enamel salt throne from Russia ART# 88 Russian Silver Assay Masters in the western provinces ART# 124 Russian Cigarette Lighters ART# 126 Russian matchbox holders ART# 179 Niello Drinking Horns of Kubachi WIN# 10 Milk creamer and sugar bowl from Russia WIN# 12 Two Continental silver salts Due saliere di argento europeo WIN# 43 The missing centre piece of a Russian double salt-cellar WIN# 45 Russian Fakes WIN# 57 Marks of European Silver Plate: II. Donaldson & Co, Minneapolis, 1904 catalog NEWS# 38 19th c.engraving "Goldsamith" NEWS# 39 1889 Illustrated Catalog NEWS# 40 Watson & Newell Co. 1904 catalog NEWS# 41 Gorham Co., 1903 adv NEWS# 42 Anchor Silver Plate co, 1905 adv NEWS# 43 Juergen & Andersen Company adv ART# 31 Ten steps to verify the authenticity of antique silverwares Dieci passi per verificare e registrare l'autenticita' di un argento antico ART# 42 All these numbers ... Questo motivo viene ancora oggi riprodotto fedelmente con le stesse meticolose formule del 1700.Nel 1849 la monarchia assoluta venne abolita in Danimarca.

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